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We dream, we imagine upliftment; necessary as it may be to work hard for spiritual and material elevation but there seem to be factors we neglect to consider while striving towards our goal. Visions and goals are better determinants of success but also it comes with several degree of commitments. As I would want to hint, no mountain peak is smooth and that is exactly where the mystery lies. On top of every mountain, there seem to be a descending other part. The descent of the other part is not necessarily a decline in resources or spirituality but that is where the real mystery and uplifment resides. You may have little information and no experience of what it’s like descending the other side of the mountain. All your attention may have been focused on the route up. The coming cycle from the peak down may seem very strange to you, unlike anything that you have experienced before. The backside of the mountain is where all of the true mysteries reside. Proceed carefully, cautiously and alertly — then you will reach your goal.

As we all know, all worthy goals meet resistance of some kind. When negative forces predominate, a well-timed retreat is a good way to stay on the path to ultimate success. Strategic retreat is not to be confused with escape or surrender. Successful retreat demands quick and nimble movement — taking up a new position before you are damaged by the current situation. You are not admitting defeat by temporarily retreating, but simply increasing your options, and preserving your resources. Sometimes it is necessary to slow down, let go or move back in order to develop countermoves for the future. Timing is critical, as is how well you position yourself after realignment. Considerations of personal security are critical.
You could be so enthusiastic about your future that you lose proper perspective. Unfortunately, it is your inflated confidence that can lead to trouble. Be willing to question your own assumptions and listen to what people are telling you without putting up protective defenses. It’s only when you think you already know the truth and shut people out that you have cause for worry. You have nothing to fear if you keep an open mind and act with a humble heart.
The positive aspect of challenges is that they offer an excellent chance to cleanse the senses and strengthen the spirit. Surviving crises brings tremendous reinvigoration, and sharpens the eye and mind for future challenges. It is reckless to court danger, but critical to inner development not to shrink from it either. Those who respond to challenges most effectively are those who are able to establish an inner bubble of calm in the midst of the action. A calm center keeps one rooted in the moment, alert and focused. Courage at such times springs from focused attention, from a willingness to penetrate the moment of danger to its very core, so as to shape it and transform the situation. As Confucius said, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
If you are entering a new environment of any sort attempt to be sincere, flexible and undemanding, rather than obstinate. Let go of old attitudes and habits that could encumber you, or make you overly conspicuous. The onset of a great journey is not a favorable time to enter into binding agreements, or to start new enterprises. In order to grow, tap that tree of life and the wisdom it offers.