Human Existence

Human existence as we all know is made of three identities; The Body, The Spirit and The Soul, just like the Creator is made up of Trinity.
The Spirit of God searches everything about the Father (Soul of God) and relates to the Body. This very phenomenon takes place in man and from these foregoing deductions, I can say that a man can never fulfil all his purpose even if allowed to live healthily for 100years.
Somewhere in the Scripture, its noted that Christ searches everything about the Father to relay to His Chosen and another part says that even the Son (Jesus Christ does not know the day of rapture. Yes, if He (Jesus Christ) does, He will surely relay to His beloved because He wants every soul saved.
Now to get this more illuminated in terms of human existence:
A man constitutes of the Soul which is the seat of God in every man (every created thing e.g rivers, trees, sun, moon etc. all have a soul). Every communication that transcends from heaven or the spiritual realm must come from the soul and every action that commences from the body must have impact on the soul.
The Spirit is a spiritual environment that acts as a veil between what the soul desires and what our body is fighting to achieve. The latter’s action on the message received from the spirit and proportionate effect on the soul.
The Body is the entity or vessel which harbours all the unseen but felt components of man. I can but literally choose to refer to the body as a system unit.
I grew up to explore the certainty of achievements of men (great men) who would say ‘I lived a happy old age (great) and I was able to fulfil my destiny (none)’. A little illumination,; you made riches, had children and they all became successful (to your elbow) but can you really be proud to say “I lived my destiny?” if this comes in a questionnaire and any man ticks yes, surely he sure needs to be evaluated.
How Is This Possible?
Our Spirit searches our Soul for his true calling, most times we deflect the message or information we receive because of the uncertainty of existence, things we need to get to earn a comfortable living, become elites with influence, and probably be the envy of others. Every time you close your eyes, your spiritual man rests, becomes unbiased and start to display call-movie, sometimes its distorted messages from the enemy to push you off course and sometimes the message from our passive memory to help us correct a real life experience. How often do we take to assimilate when a message is transcended from the soul, and only then, you can be able to walk closer but rarely accomplishes the goal of the soul.


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